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  1. Select all the text below the horizontal line by holding down the mouse button and dragging across all the text - don't include these instructions!
  2. Use the Edit menu to choose Copy
  3. Close this window to return to the tutorial


Have you ever wodered about the hisiory of words? Every word used by man has an origine – often in another laguage and land. The word “budget” for example originated in France with the word bougette meaning a bag. The bag contained the papers seting out the nation’s income and expendutyre, it’s taxis and it’s salarys. These papers were removed from the boygette and presented to parlement by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Varitions in pronounciation over decades resulted in the English word budget. Words such as “crestfallen” are accepted at their face valu with little thought given to where and how the began. This word originated from the days of coock fighting where the winning bird’s crest would be rigid and deep red in color, whereas the losing bird’s crest falls down limpid in defeat.