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Due to the civil conflict, left the county in a state of disarray, 85% of the women and children (especially girl child) where marginalized and abused.

Women and children (girls) have been greatly affected causing our economic to decline drastically which had a dramatic consequences in the society. Unemployment remains high with 80% of the women without job. Women and youths continue to remain marginalized, which rated the country among the poorest in the world, despite it vast resources endowments and potentials.

The war destroyed much of the economic, social and administrative infrastructure. Thousands of displacement and the exodus of trained and educated professionals have exacerbated the difficulties of reconstruction.

85% of the women suffered terrible challenges of sexual harassment, rape and killed, lose their homes, lose their husband, carry into the forest by rebels as their wives. Over 5000 women are now displacing in other countries due to their experience in the brut less and senseless war over the past 12 years.

NGOs, Civil Societies, government ministries, and other stakeholders are now forming strategic partnership to resolve the situation. Coalitions of women organizations are coming together to seek for their right and leadership ambition to assist in policy formulation and national development. This raised the awareness that women have the same equal right as enjoyed by men.

In this regards, Vision for Women was formed to liberate women from marginalization and assist them to have the same social and economic opportunities as those enjoyed by men. Vision for Women implements activities involving women to volunteer themselves in community development such as education and job creation.

Vision for Women engaging in creating 50 voluntary jobs for women who will go into their community, engaging women organizations voice out the challenges they faced and showing interest in community development programs.