Wolf Whistle

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Begin by speaking to Pikkupstix, located southwest of the eastern Taverley gate.





What You Need

Two Wolf Bones. Scroll down to the end of the guide to find a 'Fast Quest Walkthrough'.

Getting Started

First log in your runescape accounts then speak to Pikkupstix. He will tell you that he is a celebrity in Taverley and is famous. During the conversation, you will hear a loud crash coming from upstairs. Pikkupstix will blame it on a 'Fluffy Typhoon of Wickedness'.

During the speech you will tell him that you can handle any problem, so, therefore, Pikkupstix will tell you to handle his 'little' problem. Little do you know, a surprise is waiting. Go up the ladder and you will enter a cut scene and meet a Giant Wolpertinger. Eek! You scurry back downstairs.

Speak to Pikkupstix again and he says that you can fix it with a Spirit Wolf, because we all know what happens when a rabbit meets a wolf. Pikkupstix asks you to gather two wolf bones. Unless you brought your own, the nearest source of wolf bones is up the mountain to the north-west of Taverley. Level 25 and level 34 wolves prowl White Wolf Mountain and will always drop bones upon being killed. Take care, if venturing too far onto the summit of the mountain, as they may attack the unwary adventurer as a pack. Alternatively, take the path leading onto the summit and before long you will stumble across a dead body. Search this body for two wolf bones.

Note: Should you happen to lose these bones, you can kill any type of wolf to get Wolf Bones.

Once you have the two bones, return to Pikkupstix. You will need six free inventory spaces to receive the two gold charms, two pouches, a trapdoor key and 14 spirit shards.

Now use the key on the trapdoor, go down and you will find yourself in front of an obelisk. Use your pouches on it to infuse them. Select "Spirit Wolf Pouch" from the menu that pops up. Now, you must transform the Spirit Wolf Pouch into Howl Scrolls. Use the Spirit Wolf Pouch with the obelisk, and then choose "Howl Scroll" from the menu, and there you have ten howl scrolls. Go back to Pikkupstix, and speak with him.

Time to go face the Wolpertinger! Go up the stairs and you will notice the Wolpertinger is too busy gnawing cloth to even notice you...

Oops, spoke to soon.

Right-click on your pouch and select the "Summon" option to summon the Spirit Wolf. Now select the summoning tab (the icon to the left of the Friends List icon), and click on the wolf icon. Now click on the Wolpertinger to use the Spirit Wolf's special move (howl), which will scare the Wolpertinger away.

After you successfully cast the Howl spell, both monsters will disappear - but why? Pikkupstix has the answer. Speak with him.

You will complain of being rather dizzy. Pikkupstix suggests you should go down the trapdoor and recharge your Summoning points right away. Do it. Right click the obelisk and select 'Renew points'. Go back upstairs and speak to Pikkupstix in order to claim your reward.


275 runescape gold Charms 276 Summoning experience,it will save you a lot of time and gold on power leveling. Access to the Summoning skill 1 Quest Point