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WikiEducator Open Learning Academy (WOLA)

Interim Academic and Administrative Board IA&AB

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Interim House of Tutors (IHT)

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Any member of the WikiEducator community who has a WikiBuddy skill certification and would like to provide volunteer support to the academic/research/organizational functions of WOLA may sign in as a member of WOLA Interim House of Tutors by inputting four tildes, that is: ~~~~ (for signature) and other details as required in the table seen below:

Broad category of volunteer opportunities

  1. Academic
  2. Research
  3. Organizing support for WOLA

Courses for volunteer tutor support

  1. e Learning4Content (eL4C)
    1. Platform for course delivery: WikiEducator
    2. Technologies: Wiki, group instructions using WikiEducator Moodle
    3. Curriculum: e Learning4Content (eL4C)
  2. Open content licensing for educators (OCL4Ed)
    1. Platform (s) for course delivery: WikiEducator, WikiEducator Moodle
    2. Technologies: Wiki, WikiEducator Moodle
    3. Curriculum: [Open_content_licensing_for_educators/Home|Open content licensing for

Register of WOLA IHT Members

No. Signature by inputting four tildes, that is: ~~~~ Primary Area (s) of interest for supporting WOLA
Academic/ Research/ Organizational
Preferred courses for supporting WOLA
as a Volunteer Tutor
1 Leutha 10:02, 29 August 2012 (UTC) Research e Learning4Content (eL4C)

Content soon