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Many subjects are taught in the ghana police training school.currently, fifteen subjects are thaught allover the six training schools.These comprises;Criminal Procedure,Criminal Law, Law of evidence,Criminal Investigation,Acts And Decrees, Services Instructions,Practical Police Duties,Basic Officer Skills, Community Policing,Criminology,Report writing,Map Reading,HIV and AIDS education,Police Ethics and First Aid.

The trial of criminal offenders and, The fixing of punishment of Convicts.

These are the disciplince in which academic instructors provide basic traning for the production of competent Police men for the nation.


Arrest.jpg Criminal Procedure is one of the Law subjects of training.In any attempt to provide concise define definition, it must be indicated that: Criminal Procedure is a method pointed out by law for; The apprehension of criminal offenders, The prosecution of criminal offenders,

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Recruits are made to visit the courts to observe criominal proceedings in the court. Recruits are also made to visit the mortuary observe the performance of autopsy.


  • Recruits are made to demonstrate the striking of the jury for cases that are tried upon indictment.
    • Recruits are made to perform a mock summary trial.
      • Recruits also do a mock tria of a case that is tried upon indictment.