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Before working through this tutorial, WE recommend that you:
  • Have acquired the wiki skills corresponding up to the level of Wikibuddy that is:
  • Knowledge on how to structure your content by creating sub-pages in the wiki (i.e. Tutorial 10).


Getting started on content development

"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail." Edwin Land.

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The best way to practice and discover new wiki skills is to DO IT - go ahead, and develop content in WikiEducator! By adopting this learn-by-doing approach you will quickly be able to experience the benefits of developing resources in WikiEducator. On completion of your first content project, you will also be able to apply for certification as a WikiBuddy --- this builds your kudos and experience in our community.

In this tutorial we will guide you through the process of designing and developing your first content resource in WikiEdcuator. We will also introduce you to a few practical tips and technical features of our wiki so that you can impress your peers with the layout and design of your teaching materials.

The art of learning design is to creatively exploit the constraints of the medium and your wiki experience. Don't be afraid to try an initial design, then make the changes you need. This process of trial and review is typical. Experiment with different image placements and sizes, presenting information in different sequences or adding new features. Browse through the wiki for ideas. Be bold -- if you make a mistake you can always revert to your previous version!

The development of a content resource can be divided into two distinct phases: design and implementation.


The design phase refers to the conceptual planing of your content resource -- this is the difficult part. Design is the secret to developing quality learning materials and encouraging active participation from the community. In the wiki world we typically post our first drafts and concepts on the wiki -- you never know, there may be someone in the community with similar interests who will collaborate with you in developing the resource. Be sure to tell your friends and colleagues at other institutions about your project inviting them to contribute or provide feedback on the corresponding talk page.

In the design phase it is important to consider:


The implementation phase is where we actually develop the content according to our initial design plan. A draft content page with clearly articulated learning objectives and a logical content structure makes it easier for other WikiEducators to participate and assist you in your content project.

The implementation phase will involve: