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Open Source and Open Content Quiz

Q1 Open Content describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source code.

True or False

Answer = False, this better describes Open Source software products.

Q2 All Open Source products by definition are available free of charge.

True or False

Answer = False (for example, some Open Source software has licence restrictions which mean some payment might be required, depending on the circumstances in which the product will be used)

Q3 If you publish learning resources under the Open Content licence (OPL) you may not charge a fee for that content.

True or False

Answer = True. You may only charge fees to cover costs of handling, copying processes or for teaching support, not for the content itself.

Q4 If you wish to develop content based on content which is available under the Creative Commons Attribute Share-Alike 2.5 licence, then your content must have an identical type of licence.

True or False

Answer = True.