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What is WikiBooks? The URL of the WikiPedia site is Wikibooks is “a collaborative book authoring website, where users from all over the world work together to write textbooks and other types of instructional books on many topics. It is a Wikimedia project, operated by the same group of people who run Wikipedia, the Wikimedia Foundation. You can edit this page, and almost all pages like it, at any time. That is the basic principle of Wikibooks. Anyone can edit it(WikiBooks 2012).

Brief History:

The Wikibooks project was started in 2003 by Wikipedia contributor Karl Wick for a project to host and build free textbooks on subjects such as organic chemistry and physics as part of Wikiversity project. In 2006, it become one of the largest free e-book websites in the world. More information about Wikibooks can be located in the information page Wikibooks:Welcome. In the early history of the project there were many high and low points, but more recently things have begun to even out. Wikibooks has a large volume of books on a variety of different subjects, and a vibrant community of volunteers to write and maintain them all.

Collaborative Community Wikibooks is a completely volunteer online collaborative community. Many members of Wikibooks are anonymous in that they have not provided much, if any, information about themselves. Wikibooks does not have a government nor any form of centralized decision-making body. Instead, all decisions are decided by the community via discussion, compromise, and consensus. All changes are implemented by their hardworking volunteers.

List of books at WikiBooks website: This is a summary of lists of books/ articles available at below web site. This can organized by various criteria of ascending/ descending like Authorwise, title wise, mixed media wise and manuscript wise etc., WikiBook list.

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