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How I organized my web browser for development of the OER Handbook.

Only one browser was used (typically Firefox 2, later Firefox 3)

Tab 1: E-mail
Tab 2: OER Handbook main page
Tab 3: page being edited
Tab 4: another page being referenced
Tabs 5-12: Pages external to WikiEducator for research purposes.

Useful Firefox extensions

Taboo: Stores pages with a small thumbnail. Useful when you want to save a page, but don't want to bookmark it.
Zotero: I didn't use it for citation purposes until the very end, but users can export any collection as a "Wikipedia Citation Templates," which presumably are simply citations formatted with mediawiki markup.

Other tools used

Skype: conference calls.
NeoOffice: text-editing.


Early Stages

  1. Respond to any e-mails regarding the project.
  2. Solicit contributors via e-mail.
  3. Add new content to the handbook.
  4. Review existing content and improve.

Later Stages

  1. Check watchlist
  2. Compare current/prev versions of pages to analyze contributions.
  3. Add any applicable items to the issue tracker.
  4. Work on any high-priority issues
  5. Work on open issues in issue tracker