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LT as book source for WikiThing

re: Group: Common Knowledge, WikiThing, HelpThing · Topic: LT as book source for WikiThing

some help: special:Booksources/0123456789 is configured / can be configured via the MediaWiki messages starting at special:Allmessages#msg_booksources. Either the default for MediaWiki:Booksources or a localized content is definig the page in the project namespace which can be changed for this wiki.

[[project:Template:Booksources]] project:Book sources should be changed at "WikiThing (LT) WikiEducator" if any change is wanted here.

example from Wikipedia in Romanian


  1. commons:ro:special:Version is using a newer version; today 20:59, 4 January 2010 (UTC) it is using MediaWiki 1.16alpha-wmf (r59858)
  2. for linking I am using English default namespace and pagenames as project and


  1. involved MediaWiki messages: wikipedia:ro:special:Allmessages starting from "book"
  2. commons:ro:MediaWiki:Booksources linking to # commons:ro:project:Surse de cărţi commons::ro:project:Book sources
    1. example: commons:ro:special:Booksources/9735773104 commons:ro:special:Referinţe în cărţi//9735773104

other exaples:

  1. commons:testwiki:Wikipedia:Book sources

  1. commons:als:Wikipedia:ISBN-Suech
  2. commons:bg:Уикипедия:Източници на книги
  3. commons:ca:Viquipèdia:Obres de referència
  4. commons:cs:Wikipedie:Zdroje knih
  5. commons:da:Wikipedia:Bogkilder
  6. commons:de:Wikipedia:ISBN-Suche
  7. commons:et:Vikipeedia:Otsi raamatut
  8. commons:el:Βικιπαίδεια:Πηγές βιβλίων
  9. commons:en:Wikipedia:Book sources
  10. commons:es:Wikipedia:Fuentes de libros
  11. commons:eo:Vikipedio:Libroservoj
  12. commons:fr:Wikipédia:Ouvrages de référence
  13. commons:fy:Wikipedy:Boekynformaasje
  14. commons:gd:Wikipedia:Book sources
  15. commons:gl:Wikipedia:Fontes bibliográficas
  16. commons:ko:위키백과:책 찾기
  17. commons:is:Wikipedia:Bókaverslanir
  18. commons:it:Wikipedia:Fonti librarie
  19. commons:he:ויקיפדיה:משאבי ספרות חיצוניים
  20. commons:li:Wikipedia:Bookwinkele
  21. commons:hu:Wikipédia:Könyvforrások
  22. commons:nl:Wikipedia:Boekinformatie
  23. commons:ja:Wikipedia:文献資料
  24. commons:no:Wikipedia:Bokkilder
  25. commons:nn:Wikipedia:Bokkjelder
  26. commons:nds:Wikipedia:Bookhannel
  27. commons:pl:Wikipedia:Książki
  28. commons:pt:Wikipedia:Fontes de livros
  29. commons:ro:Wikipedia:Surse de cărţi
  30. commons:ru:Википедия:Источники книг
  31. commons:sk:Wikipédia:Knižné zdroje
  32. commons:sl:Wikipedija:Viri knjig
  33. commons:fi:Wikipedia:Kirjalähteet
  34. commons:sv:Wikipedia:Bokkällor
  35. commons:th:วิกิพีเดีย:แหล่งหนังสือ
  36. commons:tr:Vikipedi:Kaynak kitaplar
  37. commons:uk:Вікіпедія:Джерела книг
  38. commons:vi:Wikipedia:Tìm kiếm sách
  39. commons:wa:Wikipedia:Sourdants po les lives
  40. commons:zh:Wikipedia:网络书源

another workaround

commons:testwiki:user:לערי ריינהארט/monobook.js is adding a lot of links:

  1. some as addPortletLink('p-navigation',my_wp_author_url,'wp_author');
    These links can be used at commons:testwiki:שלום עליכם, commons:testwiki:Ίμρε Kέρτεζ, commons:testwiki:ヴィクトール・フランクル etc. and at the pages defined by the red links;
  2. some as addPortletLink('p-tb',my_lt_search_title_url,'lt_search_title');
    These links can be used in any preview with a code as at commons:ro:Rose _Ausländer:

    1. Der Regenbogen (Curcubeul)
    2. Blinder Sommer (Blind Summer)
    3. Brief aus Rosen (Letter from Rosa/Letter from Roses)
    4. Denn wo ist Heimat? (Then Where is the Homeland)
    5. Die Musik ist zerbrochen (The Music is Broken)
    6. Die Nacht hat zahllose Augen (The Night Has Countless Eyes)
    7. Die Sonne fällt (The Sun Fails)
    8. Gelassen atmet der Tag (The Day Breathes Calmly)
    9. Hinter allen Worten (Behind All Words)
    10. Sanduhrschritt (Hourglass Pace)
    11. Schattenwald (Shadow Forest)
    12. Schweigen auf deine Lippen (Silence on Your Lips)
    13. The Forbidden Tree
    14. Treffpunkt der Winde (Meetingplace of the Wind))
    15. Und nenne dich Glück (And Call You Luck)
    16. Wir pflanzen Zedern (We Plant Cedars)
    17. Wir wohnen in Babylon (We Live in Babylon)
    18. Wir ziehen mit den dunklen Flüssen (We Row the Dark Rivers)
    19. Herbst in New York (Autumn in New York)
    20. An ein Blatt (To a Leaf)
  3. some as addPortletLink('p-cactions',my_isbn_url,'ISBN');
    These links can be used at most of the existing pages as commons:testwiki:special:PrefixIndex/template:Shared/books or nonexing pages as commons:testwiki:template:Shared/books/9876543210

note: Unfortunatelly java sctipt is disabeled at "WikiThing (LT) WikiEducator" today.
« לערי ריינהארט » at commons · testwiki · facebook · 20:59, 4 January 2010 (UTC)

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