WikiEducator roadmap/Integrate real-time collaboration tools

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The following can all help enrich the experience of learners and educators:

  • whiteboarding (Inkscape already has an open source implementation)
  • real-time collaborative editing (Gobby, SynchroEdit)
  • voice over IP (SIP, Asterisk)
    • Skypecast: group talks, hundreds can listen / moderator selects questions
  • text chat (IRC, Jabber, web-based chats)
  • file sharing (LionShare, iFolder)
  • handshaking / negotiation interfaces (computer games provide some good examples of these)
  • screen sharing / remote control
  • live changelogging / filtering / visualization

Needless to say, integrating any single one of these features properly with the wiki interface is a challenge. However, many of these deliverables are independent of each other, so that (with sufficient resourcing) different strategies can be tried in parallel.