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N.B. This is NOT an official WikiEducator policy page.
Its purpose is to explore ideas which may become policy in future.

Much can be learned from the WikiMedia commons pages on this topic (e.g. on video).

The examples on this page use {{EmbedMedia}}

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In order to stay true to our values of freedom, equality, inclusivity, ..., WikiEducator serves media in free file formats. This page shows you how to work with such media files.

Example: Sound

Schubert Impromptu D. 935/2; Op. 142 No.2 in Ab major - Schubert

Free content media streamed from Wikimedia Commons

Download: .ogg


WE uses an extension to enable anyone to view media - e.g. videos in OGG Theora format, ....

Most browsers will show the media natively or include relevant plugins. In some cases you may need to install the browser plugin:





L4C Intro. - Wayne Mackintosh

Free content media streamed from Wikimedia Commons
Cc-by new1.svg

Download: .ogv
Example: the syntax below results in the embedded video on the right (using {{EmbedMedia}}):

|Author=Wayne Mackintosh
|Caption=L4C Intro.


You may use any media editing tools to compose media rich learning resources. When uploading the results (above), first convert to a free file format.

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