WikiEducator Workshop on 2nd May 2008

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The One-day WikiEducator Workshop organized at the Winneba Open Digital Village saw Nine lecturers from the Science Education Department in Attendance. Below is a list of the lecturers and a WikiEducator account they created.

No. PARTICIPANT'S NAME WikiEducator Account Name
1 Dr. K. D. Taale User:Kodjo_Taale
2 Peter Dirkson User:pdirkson
3 Victor Antwi User:vicantwi1
4 M. K. Amedeker User:mkamedeker
5 Ernest I. D. Ngman-Wara User:ngman-wara
6 David O. Acquaye User:Doacquaye
7 Dr. Ishmael Anderson User:ikanderson
8 L. H. Bobobee User:Kwamisagada
9 Ruby Hanson User:maameruby