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Workshop on WikiEducator; 29 June-1 July, 2009

Day One: June 29, 2009

Acharya Narendra Dev College a constituent college of University of Delhi, a college which has become synonymous with innovations in teaching and learning, conducted a workshop on WikiEducator at CIET, NCERT, New Delhi, India. The Principal, Dr. Savithri Singh inaugurated the workshop and gave a brief presentation on OER, where she spoke about the need for Open Educational Resources, the various licenses under which OER are published, the Creative Commons. She then introduced the WikiEducator as a platform for OER.

The enthusiastic participants created their user pages promptly and started uploading their profile and educational contents. The afternoon sessions were conducted by Dr. Neeti Misra and Dr. Sarita Kumar who gave individual trainings to each participant about using the tool bar on their User pages and various features of navigation and community.

In the last session, the participants were given training on internal and external linking. At the end of the day, all participants were successful in making their user pages and became part of the growing community of WikiEducators. The incoming messages from different WikiEducator members were a big boost to the participants.

Day Two: June 30, 2009

Second day of the workshop was marked with the introduction to uploading of images and making picture gallery and was facilitated by Dr. Sarita Kumar and Dr. Ravi Toteja. They also delivered the lectures on creating sub pages, and other features of navigation and community, left during the first day. The participants then practiced what they learnt and uploaded various images and created beautiful user pages.

The afternoon session was started with the introduction to colour coding and making tables. Thereafter, the participants were taught how to access history and use the revert back and talk feature etc. the participants gave messages to each other and replied back to the received messages. All the participants then uploaded educational contents on their user pages.

Day Three: July 1, 2009

Third day of the workshop was mainly devoted to the uploading of presentations and Kaltura videos. All the participants were thrilled uploading their contents on their pages.

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