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WikiEducator is now a 40806 member strong community of educators who believe in open philanthropy. It is also the unique platform where world’s number one massive wiki skills and OER development initiative – Learning4Content ( L4C) – takes place. The services that have been rendered by WikiEducator for the popularisation of Wiki as an open authoring tool as well as the use and collaborative production of OER, since its launching in 2006, is invaluable. Now it is also the platform for another unique experiment in open education – the OERu. WikiEducator community members are also the stakeholders of new developments in open education both as active players and serious observers. Based on the experience from all the above innovations, the WikiEducator community recognized the need for a community driven setup for facilitating online learning, teaching, mentoring and researches on the topics listed under the Objectives section below by establishing a WikiEducator community college, with an appropriate name to be decided by the community, to shape an OERu-ready global community of Educators.

Accordingly the WikiEducator community has conducted a rough consensus poll and selected the name WikiEducator Open Learning Academy (WOLA) for its community college initiative and constituted a Workgroup to propose Vision, Mission, Interim Organization Structure, Business Procedure and Pilot Initiatives for WOLA.

This node is to facilitate planning process for the same.