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The aim of the WE featured reuse materials is to recognize and reward exemplary learning materials developed through the reuse of existing learning materials.

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The purpose of this page is to:
  • Draft a set of generic criteria to assist the community in nominating candidates for a WE featured reuse materials;
  • Draft a suggested process for nomination and evaluation of a reuse to be awarded the status of featured reuse materials
  • Develop a policy document through consensus for a featured reuse materials.


A featured reuse materials must meet the following requirements:

  • A) Meet all the requirements as described in the featured learning resource criteria.
  • B) Reuse measured by
    • i) formal and visible recognition of the original author(s).
    • ii) no alterations to the originating materials
    • iii) edit history showing the duplication, change and addition of materials to the existing resource.
    • iv) supporting documentation describing the changes and rationale for the reuse

This will be measured by

  • Independent open review (i.e. not blind review) by at least two peers who will attest to the validity of the reuse meeting both the featured learning resource and featured reuse criteria. (Reviewers must publish their names on the reviewed materials)
  • Quantitatively evaluating the amount of change from the originating resource
  • Open invitation for community comment and provide feedback on the stated criteria


  • WE encourage collaborative authors and developers of a resource to nominate their own projects for the featured reuse category. (WE do not want to force new developments into a rigorous review process or alienate new content developers.)
  • Nominees must identify two independent reviewers who are willing to review the content validity of the resource and publish their names as reviewers of the content (What documents or processes do we need for this?);
  • An invitation for comments and review by the community of the nominated candidate is announced on the relevant page for a Featured reuse and main WE mailing list.
  • Substantive suggestions for improvement by the two nominated reviewers are posted using relevant templates (to be developed) or postings on the corresponding talk pages.
  • A QA and review committee (to be formed by community volunteers) oversee that reasonable suggestions for improvement are implemented.
  • Once suggestions for improvement have been implemented (or where no suggestions are submitted) the review committee can propose the candidate for final approval. In the absence of any objections from the community in 10 calendar days -- the status of featured reuse is conferred.
  • Successful submissions are feature on the front page of WE for a reasonable period and a hall of fame page.

What we still need to do

  • Develop a method to quantitatively measure reuse
  • Develop relevant templates for the review process including corresponding links to tutorials or resources to help nominees meet the specified critiria
  • Develop the relevant pages to document and support this proposal
  • Develop a final policy for approval by the community.
  • Develop a visual notification and "identity"that can be displayed on a successful featured reuse page.
Road Works.svg Work in progress, expect frequent changes. Help and feedback is welcome. See discussion page. Road Works.svg