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This Page is dedicated to the possibility of wikieducator having its own mascot ... and eventually merchandise.

Attempt 0

After discussing the idea of a Mascot with Wayne, I tried doodling on inkscape a bit, and what I came up with is the idea of the WiEd family.

WikiEd Family

Rather than 1 Character as a Mascot the idea is to extend EXE's Concept of Mr.X MRx.png with more characters.

  • Mr.X is the student and Jr.Z JrZ.png is the alter-ego representing fun activities and actions.
  • Ms.Y MsY.png is like a super-ego and appears when there are assignments or deadlines.
  • Sr.W SrW.png is the voice of wisdom/fact. The resource element.

The four of them together are the Mascot, and each character can be used around the wiki to indicate different aspects.

In Any case the characters need to be done professionally and if we want to use Mr.X we need some sort of agreement with the ExE crowd.

--Phsi 22:57, 18 June 2007 (CEST)