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The events could be: Workshops related to WikiEducator, Training Programmes related to WikiEducator, Talks related to WikiEducator, Meetings/conferences in your organization or locality where WikiEducator will be presented or discussed, Publishing of features on Main/Country/Project pages, Comments being made by prominent personalities on WikiEducator, Appearance of media reports relating to WikiEducator,Opening of new projects on WikiEducator, Important turning points related to existing projects, News regarding adoption of OER from WikiEducator by Institutions/Academic bodies,Content donations being received by WikiEducator,Important announcements related to WikiEducator,News about important accomplishments/achievements of WikiEducator community members etc etc.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

  • The OER Foundation Limited (OERF) has been registered as a non-profit company under the New Zealand Companies Act of 1993. Now OERF will maintain the technical and operational infrastructure of the WikiEducator community in accordance with the policies approved by the WikiEducator Community Council
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