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Examples of Evaluation in the Literature

Before you prepare an evaluation plan, it is important to look at how others have conducted their evaluations. There is a broad range of material available. Examples in the literature(journal articles) and on the Internet are often discipline specific. There is generally a range of evaluation types and models reported on, so it is best to find an area relevant to the type of evaluation and subject discipline which will fit the evaluation project to be carried out.

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Explore the literature and find examples of two evaluation projects which have been reported on in peer-reviewed journals. Choose examples which are relevant to your area of work.
  • Provide an overview of each of the two practical examples of evaluation you find using the following headings as a guide:
    • reasons for doing the evaluation – what were the evaluators trying to find out?
    • methods used – how did they go about doing the evaluation?
    • summary of findings and recommendations - what did the evaluators find out and what did they recommend as a result?
  • why the example is relevant to your area of work – similar issues, products or students etc.
  • Submit the overview of each evaluation project example as two separate discussion postings on the Forum for your course – 500 words each.

Resources in the Literature

AJET issue 18(2) Evaluation issue This issue of the Australian Journal of Educational Technology has lots of evaluation articles. 2002 Vol 18(2).