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There are many different situations or contexts in an educational setting where evaluations can be useful to find out if an eLearning initiative or product is appropriate. Front-end analysis or needs analysis is often conducted to determine the feasibility of introducing a new product or tool, or to find out if there is a market for courses or programmes in the community.

  • Student perceptions of an online course - use of multimedia resources and/or communication.
  • Staff perceptions of a new teaching tool or method - Learning Management System e.g. Blackboard.
  • Usability of multimedia products - learning objects, games, flexible learning toolboxes.
  • Uptake of an online resource e.g. online information literacy modules
  • Accessibility of an online course - student and staff feedback.
  • Review of online learning materials by content experts.
  • Institutional initiatives may be evaluated both before and after decisions are made by managers.

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What other examples can you think of where evaluation could be useful?