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identi.ca has closed. This widget has been disabled.

An experiment with a live tag feed from identi.ca




  • tag - identi.ca tag to follow (defaults to wikieducator), it can be prefixed with an optional '#'. If prefixed with '@', it follows a user's timeline rather than a tag's.
  • height - height in px for scrolling region (omit for variable length non-scrolling region)
  • count - number of items to display (defaults to 20)
  • pictures - show poster's picture for each message (defaults to true)
  • posters - show poster's name and link on each message (defaults to true)

Implementation Note

The basic function was inspired by the official identi.ca Badge but has been reworked to follow a tag and to take advantage of jQuery. It inserts itself into a named <DIV> on the page, allowing adding style elements around it.