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A widget that allows "registering" for a course by creating a subpage of the user page.

A course page must exist in the MediaWiki: namespace of the form: MediaWiki:Course-{{coursename}} The course name must not contain punctuation that has a special meaning to HTML.

The widget accepts an optional parameter closed, which can be used to show a (plain text) message in place of the registration form for people that have not already registered. (Already registered participants are still shown the form for updates/withdrawls.)


{{#widget:CourseRegistration|course=OERf 13.04|category=OERf 13.04 Participant|fields=blog}}

Requires a course page at MediaWiki:Course-OERf 13.04 and will create user subpages titled OERf 13.04 each of which will be in the OERf 13.04 Participant category.

{{#widget:CourseRegistration|course=OERf 13.04|category=OERf 13.04 Participant|fields=blog|closed=Registration for this session is closed. You are welcome to study the resources, or watch for the next course offering.}}