When you walk through that gate.

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Walking in to begin was beautiful experience. You had the fun and the warmth provided by your fellow students. There is greater excitement than the excitement brought by belonging to a school. You made mistakes and you have always been forgiven. Applauded for the good work you have done, a bell would ring signalling tea-break or lunch. Another would ring and you will get to lessons. School is providing a life with direction and focus. You have always known that once in school you shall have bread at tea-break and lunch at the right time, security, guidance and counselling. Ecclesiastes has said it-There is time for everything. There is time to learn, time to study, a time to work hard to pass tests and exams. A time to pass tests and exams to build a fat and beautiful certificate.

When you walk out through that gate,-You will be walking in to loneliness, you will walk alone in a world so bad. A world full of crying and gnashing of teeth, unemployment, poverty and tough life.When you walk out through that gate-no one will ring a bell to offer you a slice of bread, bells shall not ring signalling lunch or lessons.When you walk out through that gate, you will realise that it is those that worked hard at school that survive better. When you walk out through that gate, you will wish to turn back the hands of time, to live a new school life. When you walk out through that gate, you will wish you studied hard while you were at school. You will miss the school desk, you will miss the classroom, books, the assignments, the lessons, the teachers, the food etc. AVOID FUTURE REGRES, WORK HARD NOW.