What is the role of the tutor?

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  • To be positive and encourage the student.
  • To guide and assist the student without actually doing the work for them.
  • To prepare for each tutoring session by planning it carefully.
  • To keep a record of what you have covered in each session and have your student sign this
  • To keep all information about your student confidential.


• be familiar with material, well-organised, and know what is to be taught

• be able to discriminate between correct and incorrect responses

• be able to keep records

• give positive feedback and reinforcement

• know the correct procedure following an incorrect response (delay correction of error to allow learner time to self-correct; if pause is unsuccessful prompt with clues).


1. Identify what is to be taught - with the student

2. Develop a ‘lesson plan’ - tailor instruction to individual needs - keep tasks simple (it is better to use several straight-forward tasks than one long task)

3. Ensure working environment is appropriate - cultural considerations - noise - interruptions - body language, dress - space and equipment

4. Be encouraging and supportive