What is learner support?

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Well come to Lesson 1: Introduction to learner support. In this lesson, you will explore the situations in which learner are and, therefore, the various types of support that they need in order to cope with their studies.

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By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
  • Define the concept of learner support
  • Identify the various types of learner support
  • Develop a learner support programme

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Below are concepts that you will learn about in this lesson:
  • Learner: Any person who is engaged in the learning process. The person for whom a lesson is meant
  • Support: A service that is designed to address learner concerns or problems that could affect their studies. These could be academic, social, economic, financial, etc.

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Please make two lists:
  • a list of all possible situations, or problems, that distance learners may face in the course of their studies that could affect their studies
  • a list of services that a distance education institution should provide or put in place in order to alleviate the problems that you have identified in the first list above
  • categorize the services into: academic, administrative, social, psychological and financial