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Chapter Outline


SLMinto.png Introduction

Scrapbook is a book with a set of memories in common sense. This hobby has been growing in popularity pastime, especially in the developed countries, to preserve personal and family history. One get in touch with scrapbooking usually starts with collecting photos, clippings, and other small items — that he or she wants to preserve for the future.

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1. Some ones put separate themes in separate books, whereas others bring out the best among the themes. A theme can vary from a particular holiday to what life was like at a particular moment of time. One scrapbook may be reserved for a birthday party, another for a wedding, and another for Halloween. Scrapbook albums are often made by collecting separate themes, they are often more creative than the traditional way of storing pictures in photo albums and boxes. A scrapbook album reminds you of a story and an experience through pictures, postcards and brief words.

2. While some people prefer to the albums, stickers, labels, cards and many other embellishments pasted on their paper scrapbook, the digital scrapbooking hobby has got in popularity recently. Scrapbooks that exist completely in digital image form are referred to as "digital scrapbooks" or "computer scrapbooks." The development of scrapbook making software makes it relatively money and time saving to create scrapbook in digital form. What’s more, the internet allows one to self-publish their work.

3. The traditional scrapbook collage may be pasted on the paper board. This can only be torn once and never restored while a digital paper can be torn and restored with ease, allowing the user to try out different materials without wasting supplies. Scrapbooking software usually includes a variety of wallpapers and backgrounds to help the users create a scrapbook to his heart’s content. You can use the paper, photo, or graphics provided according to your will. The collage can then be saved as a JPEG file for sharing via email or for printing.

4 Easy as you see above to make a digital scrapbook, selecting a kind of software is indispensable. With the right kind of software, you can practically create an entire scrapbook. Picture Collage Maker Pro is recommended here. From templates to various masks and other designs, this software does well.

It enables you to make a virtual scrapbook within several minutes.

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