Week 7-8

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Week / Lesson Knowledge & Questions Context Stimulus Materials / Activities Learning Experiences
7, 1, 45 min Reflexes; stimulus/response

Positive/negative feedback systems Interaction between the nervous system and other body systems to enable a coordinated response to stimuli Structure of nerve cells and neural pathways. Receptors and sense organs Hand-eye coordination Stimuli e.g. temperature, touch Reaction time Convert the reading on positive/negative feedback into a flow chart.

Recreational Driver fatigue Experiment / Journal Test hypothesis

Spreadsheet – graphing Controlling experiment Measure accurately

7, 2&3, 45 min Write a description based on the data collected by the class to explain Newton’s three Laws. Recreational Driving / cycling / Collisions / texting on the move Experiment / Journal Modelling

Formulate hypothesis

7, 3, 45 min
7, 4, 1 hour Levers; skeleton; centre of gravity

How is posture related to back injury?

Work / Recreational Back injury Demo Spreadsheets – tables; Analysis
7, 5, 15 min Wiki; Staying safe checklist Recreational (extension) Travel Communication / wiki

Participate in decision-making process

8, 6, 45 min Diagnosis


Recreational Concussion Demo/prac ?? Observation
8, 7&8, 45 min Physics

Forces – mechanics; equilibrium; Centre of gravity – male versus female; child vs adult; Write a definition for centre of gravity citing an example. Why is the centre of gravity of children and females lover than that for men?

Recreational – sport (canoeing) Toppling & rolling Demo/prac / Journal Experiment

Balancing parrot; pegs on nose



8, 8, 45 min
8, 9, 1 hour Task – discuss requirements
8, 10, 15 min Procedures before/during and after a disaster Environment -Geographical Features

Extension Natural and man-made disasters

Checklist / discussion board or wiki / Journal Classification

Predicting Participating in decision-making process