Week 5-6

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Week / Lesson Knowledge & Questions Context Stimulus Materials / Activities Learning Experiences
5, 1, 40 min Types of drugs/effects on body

The skin – physiology Toxicology Movement of materials between cells and their environment Interaction of structural, functional and behavioural adaptations of organisms In your own words describe how you did the egg experiment. How is this an analogy of toxins entering the body through the skin?

Recreational Drugs / toxins/ binge drinking Wiki Classification Qualitative analysis (stats?) table/graph anaylsis
5, 2, 40 min The skin; physiology; Membrane osmosis Home – kitchen Toxic skin contact Egg Experiment (set up in week 1)/ Journal Modelling; test hypothesis
5, 3 Pesticides
5, 4
6, 5, 1 Hour Snake bike / Dengue mosquito / stinging tree / Stone fish, etc.

Classify animals/plants in terms of their danger to humans. What evidence can you list to support your answer to the previous question?

Environment Plants/Animals – poisoning / disease Guest speaker Listen to guest speaker; ask questions
6 ,6, 45 min Simulation of first aid(Speak to Emy DeZen)

Homeostasis What happens to the body when it overheats?

Environment Heat exhaustion, heatstroke Movie clip Simulation
6, 7&8, 45 min Water sources for survival

Compare and contrast dehydration and over-hydration

Environment Dehydration/ Over-hydration Flow chart / Journal

The use of sports drinks

6, 8, 1hour
6, 9, 15 min Scott expedition history Environment (extension) Hypothermia Movie clip Reading