Week 3-4

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Week / Lesson / Time Knowledge & Questions Context Stimulus Materials / Activities Learning Experiences
3, 1, 40 min Web-safety / Hackers. How to protect yourself online

How can your privacy be invaded? Why is this important? Compare the various biosecurity methods in use – which ones are feasible?

Technology Invasion of privacy Discussion board



Participate in decision-making process

3, 2, 40 min Ergonomics

What criteria would you use to assess the ergonomics of your workstation?

Technology Computer use Checklist / Journal Observations Risk evaluation


3, 4, 1 hour Do mobile phones cause cancer? What applications for you use on your mobile?

How do smart phones compare with dumb phones?

4, 5-7, 40 min Mobile phones / digital cameras / MP3 players Physics of sound; physiology of hearing; resonance phenomenon; diagram of the ear Work / Recreational / Technology Noise tinnitus Demo/Movie clip / Waves / vibrations/ sound / sense of hearing Meter reading (equipment?)
4, 6, 40 min How can you damage your hearing? What ides can you suggest to reduce damage to your hearing?
4,7, 40 min
4, 8, 1 hour Work / Recreational / Technology Other hazards at home etc.