Identify 15 weeds

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Photo by Jennifer Cross at the Texas A&M University Herbarium. GPL Image sourced from Wikipedia


Identify common local weeds and describe the ways they survive and spread as well as ways to control them.


  1. Find and identify at least 15 common local weeds to your area.
  2. Present them as either:
  • Include:
  • Plant type
  • Plant reproduction
  • Physical and/or chemical defenses
  • Plant vigor
  • Root systems
  • Life cycle (annual, biennial, ephemeral; perennial (is it herbaceous or woody?)
  • Describe a range of ways to prevent and/or control each of your 15 weeds. Please include at least one weed for each of the following controls:
  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Cultural
  • Physical
  • Legal

Support materials

  • List all the links to resources used in the activity
  • List any other resources that may be useful (further readings, related units or other activities)