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Warm Welcome to Web Resources for the ELE class!

ELE: Español como Lengua Extranjera (Spanish as a Foreign Language)


This wiki space has been created in order to have a reference page of websites dedicated to the instruction of Spanish as a second language. Please, feel free to add the links that you may find interesting and do make any suggestion to better organize the information. Sometimes, reference pages become an endless list of links resulting in tedious information searchings and time-wasting for the users. Let us together create a productive and time-saving learning environment!

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  • to have a reference page of Web resources for the ELE class (Español como lengua extranjera)
  • to share intresting links between ELE teachers
  • to develop time-saving techniques in online learning

Institutional Sites

  • INSTITUTO CERVANTES Cervantes Institute is a public institution created by the Spanish Government in 1991 for the promotion and education of Spanish language and Latin American culture. it is represented in several countries around the world through a branch of school centers. The Institute runs the Centro Virtual Cervantes (CVC) offering educational services and resources for instructors, students, translators and hispanists.
  • REDELE This site is an open platform for anyone interested in the promotion of the Spanish language as a second language. It is maintained by the Spanish Ministry of Education and it offers two publications [1] [2] with articles on teaching methodology, research and class materials. There are also links to other interesting publications held by Spanish Offices of Education in other countries. [3]
  • FORMESPA Formespa is an open forum for ELE instructors hosted by the Spanish NREN (National Research and Educational Network) in charge of providing advanced communication services to the national scientific and academic community.
  • EDUESPAÑA Established in 1996, Eduespaña is a non profit organization founded to advance teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and enhance cooperation between institutions devoted to Spanish language education. The website provides information about the Spanish education system, as well as other interesting aspects about culture and way of life in Spain.
  • TOURISM OFFICE OF SPAIN Official website of tourism in Spain. It provides full information about cities, accommodations, transportation, tourist areas, natural landscapes and activities in each province.