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Know what a Web Browser is and what it is used for

A browser has a very straight forward purpose, to locate files using their URL and display their contents on-screen.

Examples of browsers include Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. Although browsers have a very specific purposes, they can have many features which

improve their functionality. These include:

• Navigate between sites. This is sometimes called surfing the web. • Record your visits to sites. • Bookmark important sites. • Whether or not to display graphics. Graphics can cause the computer to appear to run very slowly. • Enforce various levels of security and privacy. • Prevent the execution of cookies. Cookies are small programs that are downloaded from web sites. Usually they do such things as animate the screen, butthey can be sources of viruses or they could send information about you back to the server you are accessing. • Change the display in various ways. </blockquote>

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