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Ubuntu Tweaks

How to set security patches and updates

System – Administration - Synaptic Package Manager - Settings – Preferences – Network – Manual proxy configuration – – Port 8080 – Authentication – user name and password – apply – ok - close

System – Administration - Synaptic Package Manager - Settings – Repositories – Updates – All boxes ticked – Check for updates weekly – Install security updates without confirmation – close

Internet access

Mozilla Firefox – Edit – Preferences – Advanced – Network – Settings – Auto detect proxy settings for this network – ok - clsudo apt-get install seahorseose

Firefox - Edit-Preferences-Advanced-Network-Settings-Auto Detect Proxy-Ok-Main-In Firefox address bar-google.co.nz-homepage-use current-close

Open office language setting

Applications-office-OpenOffice Word Processor-Tools-Options-Language Settings-Languages-set all to English UK-Writing Aids-Edit-English UK-Close-Ok

Installing new programmes

System-Administration-Synaptic Package Manager-Search-Open Office Clip Art-Mark for installation -

repeat search for-flashplugin-


Connect to server

Places-connect to server-service type (windows share)-server (Server)-folder (room1)-add bookmark-bookmark name (roomy1)-connect