Warrington School Treasurer

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Treasurer: Is responsible for the overall financial management of the school.

Tasks: To oversee the school budget. To guide the fiscal management management of the school.

Guides these policies and procedures: Finance

Job Description – Treasurer

1. To advise the Board of Trustees (BOT) on financial procedures set out by the Ministry of Education and on financial management.

2. To monitor expenditure in conjunction with school secretary and principal, so as to keep within budget by means of appropriate procedures and regular monitoring.

3. To table monthly reports for the BOT including accounts and other relevant information.

4. To advise the Principal on the preparation of annual budgets to be approved by the BOT.

5. To ensure reports complying with Public Sector Accounting Standards are prepared annually for audit and are made available to the community.

6. To maintain a register setting out financial responsibilities and authority.

7. To ensure that records of all financial transactions accurate and up-to-date.