Warrington School Open Nights

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  • Second language learning - French, Japanese, German and Spanish
    • Emphasis on leaning a few key words and phrases
    • Learning about the culture of that country
  • ICT
    • Appropriate use of email, chat and internet
    • Opportunity to use Google Documents, create web pages and refine computing skills
  • Puberty
    • Health nurse run classes
  • Technology
    • DNI
    • Technology shed access for own projects
  • BBFM
    • Run further radio shows
    • Create and record jingles
  • Own project
    • Opportunity to follow a passion
  • EOTC
    • Bike camp at Sutton (odd years) - cycling around Middlemarch/Sutton area
    • History camp at Quarantine Island (even years) -
    • Beach clean up
    • Rabbit Island
  • Leadership opportunities
    • Running the school disco
    • Classroom assisting