Warrington School Equal Employment Officer

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Equal Employment Opportunities Officer: Is responsible for all employment related matters.

Tasks: To oversee the Equal employment opportunities programme within the school. To oversee the employment of staff that meets the criteria of all awards and employment agreements.

Guides these policies and procedures: Equal Employment Opportunities Appointments Appraisal Disputes Health and safety in the workplace

Job Description –

1. To act as liaison for staff in the event of grievances concerning: - access to career training and development. - disabilities in the workplace. - harassment, sexual or otherwise. - childcare or eldercare. - fairness in job evaluation. - promotion. - discrimination of any kind etc.

2. To inform the Board of Trustees of its responsibilities with respect to the above issues.

3. To develop and implement annual EEO programme possibly addressing issues such as: - reviewing EEO related policies (recruitment and selection, promotion and career development, staff training and development, conditions of service, harassment). - EEO database. - staff consultation and education in EEO. - monitoring EEO status and progress.

4. To develop new policies and initiatives aimed at making the school a better EEO employer.