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Final push for using only Gnu/Linux on the school computers....

This is the list that I have so far:

- Musac running via wine on the office computer and this machine set up to be running Ubuntu.

- Wendy has a couple of dual boot machines

- switch them to Ubuntu, also need to load some edubuntu and other educational games to these machines.

- Room2 is struggling to save onto the server

- error messages - there is work around ways (save to desktop and cut and paste).

- Room2 is not accessible from the admin computers

- even when i have set them up the same as i did for room1

- Wireless in the admin - no password, and this needs a reset every day to be able to log on (in the morning i turn off the switches and all is ok) also Paul thought there was interference as both wireless were on the same channel. I added a better aerial to the school block wireless and Wendy now has better connectivity.

- Certificate verification for email on at least nparker, mbarnes and blilley email

- Laser printer is not running in the library - have this running and printing from the teachers laptops.

- Sleep mode is happening for some of the latest donated computers (bios???) they begin loading then just go blank.....

- Undertake an audit of all our computers to make sure we are not running any MS product and that the MS 95/98 certificate is compliant with what we need to run some of the MS scripts with Wine.

Request list for laptop/computers - Trisha

  • to learn how to work with laptop and a projector
  • to work on streaming audio/media files like real audio e.g. radio NZ news broadcasts
  • to have software that can batch process photos (reduce their size) for uploading
  • to write DVD's to backup my stuff (burn DVDs)
  • A music client that allows me to upload songs to an ipod (or  any content e.g. documentary)
  • to learn how to upload software - how to install it onto computer eg. real audio player
  • Laptop takes ages to start up if accidentally runs out of juice (often have to turn it off twice before it comes back on properly)
  • laptop takes a while to close
  • black spot on my laptop screen

My list of tricky computer tasks - Janine

  • another lesson with photos, re sizing them for printing.
  • writing emails while offline, can this be done?
  • how to burn dvd disc from movie camera on to DVD
  • how to access ubuntu education games for children.
  • making a web page.