Warrington School/Venn Diagram Checklist

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Venn Diagram checklist
Name___________________________ Date __________ Title _________________________
Doesn't Do Does Do Does Well
1 Use colour to create impact <------------------------------------->
2 Use bullet points for each piece of information <------------------------------------->
3 Enough information in each area <------------------------------------->
4 Photos, pictures or diagrams to give extra information <------------------------------------->
5 References include web pages and books <------------------------------------>
6 Headings are large and noticeable <------------------------------------>
7 Lines are ruled for borders and writing on <------------------------------------>
8 Spelling is checked <------------------------------------>
9 Grammar makes sense <------------------------------------>
10 Writing is clear and large enough for people to read <------------------------------------>
Things I noticed that need working on

Next time I create a presentation, I will