Warrington School/Term Two Planning 2009

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2009 - Term Two - Theme:Science


  • Pupils to develop skills and understandings of the physical world, living world, material world, the planet Earth and beyond; of scientific methods of enquiry, questioning, observation, information gathering, interpretation and reporting and develop an open and enquiring mind towards scientific ideas and natural phenomena.

Room 1

  • Use "The Track to Ponga Creek".

In their study of the nature of science and its relationship to technology, students will use their developing scientific knowledge, skills, and attitudes to:

  1. critically evaluate ideas and processes related to science and become aware that scientific understanding is developed by people, whose ideas change over time;
  2. explore the relationships between science and technology by investigating the application of science to technology and the impact of technology on science;
  3. gain an understanding of personal, community, and global implications of the application of science and technology.

Students should appreciate that social and cultural frameworks influence the way scientists work and that understanding in science changes.

Te Ika A Maui - share story and then creating science experiences around floating and lifting.