Warrington School/Term Three Planning 2009

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Term Three Theme - Collage, Puppetry and Multi-media Presentation

Overall Goals;

  1. Create a multimedia digital presentation using only creative commons licensed materials - films, music, documentaries, pictorial etc
  2. Create a puppet show that tells a story and is captured via camera
  3. Make a collage and be able to explain it theme adequately
  4. 1 and 2 may be combined

Mathematics -Statistics


  • Enjoy and incorporate mathematical processes in everyday life
  • Communicate and present mathematical ideas, clearly and accurately

Envirethical mathematics - Mathematically concepts that give a greater understanding of the happenings in the world

  • Tables and data of world populations
  • Gross domestic product of a nation and how this influences currency fluctuations and its effect on a nation



  • Investigate ICT technologies and evaluate their suitability for particular purposes (such as the above goal) by using problem solving strategies
Share - software applications on Edubuntu and how to access other applications through synaptic package manager
  • Integrate ICT into their whole learning process
Research topics e.g CC, Collage, World Issue to gain an understanding 



  • Read, analyse, understand and critically think about messages and purposes of information presented
  • Develop skills of effectively arranging, presenting and displaying visual and written information in a variety of formats
Analyse others examples of puppetry, multi-media presentation and collage and create criteria sheets
  • Express ideas clearly and with confidence and use appropriate language to do so
Listen and use language that has been modelled  

Social Studies


  • Develop skills to access resources and present information appropriately by exploring licensing agreements in NZ and from a Global perspective but with an emphasis on understanding Creative Commons, Copyleft and GPL
See ICT goals
  • Know and think about current happenings and issues in the world about them and beyond within the context of Creative Commons, Copyleft and GPL

The Arts


  • Critically and constructively evaluate their own and others art works and explain what they believe are important features
  • Look at, discuss and appreciate a wide range of art works of others that could be incorporated into their own pieces as part of a collage
Teach - paper and glue techniques including mixing paste, sticking down and clean-up
  • Create their own music, recreate the music of others, and develop skills of performing, dancing, listening, singing using music released as CC
Teach - how to listen to and then download CC music on classroom computers  
  • Learn about famous composers, musicians, singers and their music that has been released under Creative Commons type licences
Show - appropriate web sites
  • Enjoy and participate in a range of drama activities that can be recorded in a digital format
Teach - camera use, download onto the computer,playback and editing techniques
  • Understand how drama is created from a variety of stimuli and that retelling information is one of these
View - CC documentaries that tell a story such as Irena Sendler
  • Recognise and know about and follow some of the elements of drama (eg role play, time and space, tension, focus, storytelling and mime) to retell information
Teach - genre of digital story telling, such as news item, comedy

Health and PE


  • Know about their own bodies and how to care for them
Swine flu initiatives and Life Education Trust Mobile Classroom
  • Develop positive attitudes and regularly take part in activities that help achieve and sustain perso personal physical fitness
Preparation for the Cross-country and Orienteering



  • Develop an awareness and knowledge of Maori culture, through history, legends, art forms, music, games, and protocols
  • Utilise local expertise and resources to increase understanding
Looking at enhancing our environment by the addition of kowhaiwhai, tukutuku, flag, mural and entrance