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Warrington School Surf Group

The Warrington after School Surf Group meets once a week during the 2 summer terms

The aim of the group is to have supervised and instructed time in the sea at Warrington beach, learn how to catch waves and be safe surf users.

It is intended for older pupils (8 years and upwards) who already have water confidence – can swim 2 lengths of the school pool unaided.

As Warrington is a public beach parents may bring their younger children to the group and personally supervise their safety.

The group will meet at the Warrington Surf Lifesaving Club at 3.30 but if the surf or weather conditions are not suitable we will use the school pool instead. Children will be finished at 4.30.

The ratio for being in water is 1.4, we encourage as many adults to take to the water as possible and we have adult spotters who watch the children from the beach.

As the Warrington Surf Lifesaving Club allow us to use their equipment (boards) and facilities (showers/toilets) we expect that children or families will pay the very modest membership fees to the Warrington Surf Club of $25 or $40 per family.

A wet suit is essential and a mask, snorkel and own board are encouraged.

Risk Analysis will be undertaken and emergency procedure will be discussed with the group before we begin each session. We encourage all participants to share their knowledge of the surf and conditions to make our sessions as safe as possible.

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