Warrington School/Social Studies

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The Warrington Way - on this rock together

Social Studies

  • Know about and understand the special features of different cultures - language, customs, beliefs, values and ways of life
    • How these are passed onto the next generation
    • How they are sustained
  • Know about our nation and its people - history, geography, achievements, our place in the world
    • Exploration, innovation, opportunities and challenges
  • Develop an appreciation of the situations and special needs of people who require support e.g. impaired, elderly, refugees
  • Develop skills to access resources and present information appropriately
  • Make comparisons with local, national, pacific and global communities
    • How they meet their needs and develop their identities
  • Know and think about current happenings and issues in the world about them and beyond
    • How these have cause and effects
  • Develop an understanding of the local community and global environment
    • How people participate individually or as groups in local and global issues
    • How our local decisions have cause and effects at a local and global scale