Warrington School/Planning 2008

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Term 4 2008 - Themes - Politics, Pantomime, Human Rights, Athletics, Forces, Rabbit Island Camp, Waianakarua Camp

Room 1 Goals

  • Social Studies - Know about the New Zealand political system. Whole class assessment being able to explain pictorially (sequenced cartoons) how the NZ election system works.
  • Visual Language - Effectively arrange, present and display visual and written information on a NZ political party and as a an A3 poster using cartooning styles and techniques. Criteria assessment - Political Party PosterPDF down.png
  • Listening - to Anne Frank's Story
  • Speaking - using expressive language in the Panto Pandemonium
  • Experiment with paint, construction and recycling to create stage props and backdrops.
  • Dance, drama and music - express themselves through music, dance and drama and feel comfortable performing as part of the school pantomime.
  • Develop skills and understandings of the physics through practical experiences of archery and athletics.
  • Learn widely applicable techniques with Gimp to manipulate and create political images and cartoons.
  • Communicate and present mathematical ideas, clearly and accurately - Algebra - Fibonacci's Numbers and Golden Ratio

NZ Politics Elections NZ Politics Bow Make a bow and arrow High Jump Physics Long Jump Gimp Skills Gimp Face Converting