Warrington School/Planning/Room 1 Planning 2011

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Waterwheel project

Term 4 MrP Topics

Soccer, Environmental Radio Advert Competition, Rena, Road Race,language builders 
Stream monitoring, athletics, camp - Waianakarua/Rabbit Island, weeding, Geology with Chuck, 
 BBOSI-School computers, swimming, Little Red Rocking Hood, Sunflowers and Kamokamo, 


  • Write a radio advert script on recycling for the DCC competition
  • Share ideas and information clearly and logically
    • Proof read and edit - digital or hand-written
  • View and share advert exemplars -

Fix PC Pest Control Cattery Coke

    • Investigate features of Audacity software - Audacity Tutorial
      • Read and perform script - record - self evaluate
        • Extension - blog or document
  • Write comments on other student's blogs
Warrington Well-being Way - Matariki Rakau

Computer Science - Audacity Application

  • Record a radio advert
    • Work along-side others to learn use the application
      • Aiming for layers of Creative Commons audio tracks and over-all quality
        • Save projects onto desktop, export once finished

Visual language - still images

  • Effectively arrange, present and display visual and written information
    • Create a large A3 Wai Care poster
  • Viewing - interpret visual information from a wide range e.g. moving/still images modern/old formats etc
  • Read, analyse, understand and critically think about messages and purposes of information presented

Art - Insect Pencil Sketch

  • Recognise and appreciate the fine details of scientific illustrators
    • Create a poster A4 landscape picture of a NZ invertebrate
      • Bordered by visual and written habitat information


  • Topics - Invertebrates
    • Internet/books on own or in group
      • At school at home
  • School journals
    • Read and write questions

Concert Items

  • LRRH - singng, dancing
    • Music - instruments


  • Show awareness of keeping safe in the home, school, water, on camp and visiting the stream
  • Develop confidence in a range of physical skills e.g. ball handling - football, Ki-O-Rahi, athletics, aquatics and dance
Warrington Well-Being Way - Pony Club

Maori - Wai related

  • Utilise local expertise and resources to increase understanding
    • Visit Orokonui Ecosanctuary and share our knowledge
      • English, Te Reo, Legends...
        • Pictures, photographs, objects - artefacts

Key Competency - Relating to others

  • Interacting effectively with a diverse range of people in a variety of contexts
  1. The ability to listen actively, recognise different points of view, negotiate, and share ideas
  2. Relating well to others are is being open to new learning and able to take different roles in different situations
  3. Aware of how their words and actions affect others
  4. Know when it is appropriate to compete and when it is appropriate to co-operate
  5. Working effectively together, coming up with new approaches, ideas, and ways of thinking

Maths - Problem Solving

  • Working on word problems from book, work sheet or whiteboard
    • Complete examples and for homework
      • Create own word problems for others

Term 4 MsM Topics


Innovation, inquiry and curiosity. Community and Participation.  Equity.  Excellence. Integrity

Key Competencies:

Relating to Others, Managing Self, Participating and Contributing.


Alongside formal Reading, spelling, grammar and handwriting skills programme;

  •  complete production of individual 'school journal' type book - will be looking at book covers and how to design these, and illustrating of poems, articles, stories chosen.
  •  reading myths, legends,fairy tales, classics: exploring different retellings/ reworkings, especially in play format. (link to Little Red Rocking Hood ). Write own play (in group or individually). Present to juniors/middlies.
  • persausive writing -linked to NZ General elections


  • Number Knowledge - basic facts recall, fractional numbers, place value, number sequences (Week 1-3)
  • Problem Solving using strategies to solve addition/subtraction, multiplication/division, and proprotion and ratio problems (Week 5-7)
  • Class maths Challenge (Week 8)


  • Physical World: explore, describe and represent patterns and trends for everyday examples of physical phenomena such as electricity and magnetism.
  • Investigating in Science: build on prior experiences,working together to share and examine their own and others' knowledge.

                                        : ask questions, find evidence, explore simple models and carry out appropriate investigations to develop

                                           simple explanations

Questions to investigate - What is electricity? What is the meaning of conductors and insulators? What is static electricity? How does a battery work? How does an electric heater produce heat/ a light bulb produce light? How are electricity and magnetism linked? How does  hydro/windmills produce electricity?

Social Sciences:

  • Understand how groups make and implement rules and laws
NZ General Election:
  • What is a general election and how does it work?
  • How can we (general population) participate in making rules and laws? Link to persausive writing (English)- decide on an issue that you are passionate about and write to local MP to make sure your voice is heard.

Health and PE

  • Life Education Trust
  • Athletics (jump, run, throw)
  • Swimming skills