Warrington School/OER Projects/Warrington Well-being Waterway Project

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WWW - Waterway Project



  • Plantings -trees in and trees required
  • Development by owner and Warrington residents


  • Planting out of trees/shrubs etc
  • Weeding around plants - mulenbechia removal
  • Stream bed definition


  • Naming of stream - Church Road Stream, Mangapai, WWW Stream???
  • Ongoing plant raising - at school
  • Access way into area
  • Further funding - QE2, Honda tree fund, DCC
  • Bed frame environmental weaving
  • Long stick (bamboo) locating plants - need to be dry

Room 1's - Vision Map

  • Trees
    • Shade, shelter, homes (nests), climbing
  • Increased flora and fauna
    • Pest free, trapping, monitoring
  • Wetland
    • Ponding, clean bottom
  • Monitoring
    • PH, clarity, life forms, temperature
  • Class visits
    • Water, weed, mulch, planting, play and picnics
  • Basic knowledge
    • Flora, fauna, history, geology
  • Structures
    • Gate (sprung), stile, bird feeders, sign, picnic table, bridge
The students see this as their area to do envirethical work as well as:
- make dams, grass huts, book reading and writing spot
- a place to create art and hang out with family and friends