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Warrington School Curriculum Overview

  • The school has been creating a curriculum based around WWW - Warrington Well-being Way
  • They use progressive education principles that attend to the whole child and assists children to become good learners and people
    • Schooling is seen as holistic with children given increasing opportunity to learn in real-life activities
  • Envirethical beliefs that are instilled into the core understandings across the school
    • That education is for the betterment of ourselves, others and the planet
  • Broader aims have been to empower the Warrington community of children, teachers and parents through their Open Education initiatives of:
    • Sustainability, transparency, openness, sharing, collaboration and continual improvement
      • And in the use of Free Software throughout the school community
A hope that ideas will be copied and an aspiration to be a school that is thinking locally and globally