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Nature Table

Nature Tables Are:

  • A place to share the natural world in a school
  • To reflect the interests of the school,s community
  • To give a greater understanding of the local environment


  • Space that will allow for easy exploration of the exhibits
  • Low tables made from old doors
  • Wooden box shelves
  • Wooden drawers on their edges
  • Nature books
  • Equipment for viewing
  • Equipment for recording

On the table

  • A microscope
  • Magnifying glasses
  • Plants

On the wall

  • A plan of the school and neighbourhood that can be observed on foot showing local areas of interest such as:
  named trees,special rocks, playground equipment, footpaths and crossings, streams, huts, danger areas, fruit tress, flowers, flowering plants, beach, bush etc
  • A map of the horizons from the school making up the school's mihimihi showing hill names, valleys etc
  • A barometer
  • A thermometer
  • Information posters on plants, rocks, clouds,
  • 4 or more clocks set on different time zones sat on nails in a row
  1. Showing the time zone before or after ours
  2. Countries that the time zone runs through
Plant of the week

Exhibits displayed by

  • Children
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Local experts
  • Invited guests
Inspiration from "Nature Study" by D.Beggs 1966