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October2004 Purpose To ensure the health and safety of employees, students and others, including visitors and parents at Warrington School through compliance with the current Health and Safety Code of Practice for State Primary, Composite and Secondary Schools (the Code) as produced by the Ministry for Education.

Procedures Warrington School will comply with the Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice concerning Health and Safety in Schools. These are identified in section 37 of the Code. It is required that Warrington School meet all current and future legislation relating to Health and Safety and that the Board of Trustees be aware of their responsibilities under this code.

Warrington School will also maintain Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with relation to student safety.

Policy Review 1. The Board of Trustees will review this policy in accordance with its self-review timetable. 2. Both the current version of the policy and any proposed revisions to this policy will be made available to staff, parents or other interested parties, for comment and review. Principal: Chairperson:

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