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Term 2 2012

This term's planning has been developed within the concept of Democratic Education:

“Education in which young people have the freedom to organise their daily activities, and in which there is equality and democratic decision-making among young people and adults”.

This term's topic The Arts was chosen  through discussion and voting by the pupils of Room 1 towards the end of Term 1. They felt there was much scope to explore the many areas they were interested in studying in more depth eg architecture, optical illusions, animals, drama, comedy, computer art, sound, Movie make up and special effects, puppets etc

Class timetable: 9am Class meets for roll, sharing, etc. 9.15am - begin day with focus on Maths. Everyone will start day with Maths activity for at least half an hour. After this pupils will be able to work on the activities that need to be completed within their own programme. Pupils will be asked during at times to have guided maths/english lessons with teacher/teacher aide. 12ish: Class physical education time. 1.30pm Class meets for Silent Reading. Then work on own activities until 2.45pm for class clean up and end of day game/activity


  • Number knowledge- quick practice of basic facts: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. Plus knowing quickly answers to fractions, decimals, percentages problems
  • Solving real life word problems: focus on using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division strategies.
  • Geometry and Measurement: focus on making 3D geometric shapes: learning about angles (including drawing and measuring using protractors), area , length, using a compass to draw shapes


  • Half an hour silent reading per day
  • Fiction reading log to be recorded. Must read 5 chapter books over the term. From these books, choose one to review and present to class. Books read to be recorded on class chart.
  • Group 1 will have guided reading lesson each day with teacher/teacher aide. Groups 2 and 3 will have GSR lesson once a week. Group 4 will have GSR lesson every two weeks.
  • Blueskin Bay Book bus visit: Tuesday, fortnightly
  • Researching for ARTS projects
  • Presenting a book review
  • Writing a report (about an artist or art type)
  • Write and present an advertisement
  • Write a poem: five senses, link to Anzac day
  • Listening and responding to picture books - Polly reading to children once a week
  • Reading to younger children once a week
  • Surface feature activities throughout term (spelling, extending vocabulary, grammar, cloze, etc)
  • Deeper feature activities throughout term (descriptive words, phrases (metaphors, similes, onamatopeia, alliteration, beginning sentences etc)
  • Poetic writing - taking something that has happened to individual and presenting this as a narrative story/poem/ballad/rap etc.  (This could be part of the Arts activity mentioned below)

The Arts

ANZAC DAY: (first two days of term, 23/24th April)

  • Browse Anzac Day artworks (concentrate on poppy), look at work of war artists. Have poems about Anzac day for children to read and discuss. Listen to Last Post and discuss when this is played, what it means and how it makes us feel.
  • write a five senses poem (I see, I feel, I hear, I taste, I hear) - from experiences and feeling from above activity
  • present an artwork that shows what you feel is important about Anzac Day. (to be displayed at Waitati Anzac Day commemorations)


  • Activities to research,work on and complete this term will be:
  • Research, browse books/internet to find visual art form that you would like to explore. Keep a diary of ones you particularly like, noting who the artist is, and write or be able to say why you like this artist. By the end of Week 2, 4th May(at the latest) have chosen an artist you would like to research and experiment with producing similiar artworks to this artist. Keep all the artwork you produce in your diary. At least one visual artwork will need to be presented in class art show in last week of term.
  • Visual art presentation: to be completed by 22nd June- Friday, week 9)
  • From the other Art areas (dance, drama, music) research and browse, keeping diary as above to show links, ideas of what you are looking at. By the end of week 2, 4th May each child will have chosen an area. Can work as a group or as an individual. Work on dance, drama or music segment, developing and practising.
  • Dance/drama/music presentationneeds to be ready to present to school/parents Week 10 (last week of term) 25-29 June.
  • Choose an artist from any Arts area (choosing one of those from the above activities would be most efficient, but not necessary). Research, write a report and present (your choice of format) to class. (to be completed by 22nd June for sharing with class in last week of Term 2)

Physical Education

  • fitness circuit daily
  • focus on large ball skills - soccer, rippa rugby, miniball

Key Competency focus

  • Using language, symbols and text.
  • managing self

Values focus

  • excellence
  • innovation, inquiry and creativity
  • diversity