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Seacliff Artist - Juliet Novena Sorrel teaching Warrington students outside her studio

Theme: Te One - The Beach

Te One-Okahau - Warrington Beach

Visit Seacliff Artists Juliet Novena Sorrel and Liz Abbott, 
the beach, rock pools and have one 2m blue shark visit us

A: Recording the visits

  • Paper, photos and memories
    • Writing thank you cards to Seacliff helpers and artists
      • Cards created from materials found in the classroom
        • Own print and hand written thanks
2m Blue Shark visit - found dead on the beach or valiantly wrestled alive onto a surfboard

B: Print makers

  • Find our about a print maker or local artist
    • Write and ask questions of this person
      • Log your involvement - notebook, wiki, blog, document
        • Or in any other agreed format
          • Use an on-line thesaurus to locate more interesting words

C: Record impressions

  • Use books, field sketches and memory
    • To create ideas that could be reproduced as a print
      • Print with a Te One-Okahau theme
        • or Sutton theme

D: Print making

  • Choose a print style and find out how they are produced
    • Create instructions and reproduce a print using ideas from "C"
      • Photograph and record your progress
        • Log your involvement - notebook, wiki, blog, document

E: Technology Exploration

  • Choose one of the Schools envirethical science and technology areas
    • BBOSI Computers, Blueskin Bay FM, Non-Toxic Cleaners, Stream Restoration, Classroom Teaching, Sugar OLPC or Fair Trade
      • Log your involvement - notebook, wiki, blog, document

F:Own Goal

  • Working on your own goal
    • Described on the Year 7/8 online document
      • Log your involvement - notebook, wiki, blog, document
The Wawa Challenge Shield starting line-up

G: Maths - Measurement

  • Work on set pages of maths book, work sheet or whiteboard example
    • Explained to each group by teacher
      • Checked and shared

H: Homework

  • Undertake and complete weekly homework task
    • Read books
      • Participate in an after school activity

I: Handball

  • Learn how to play handball
    • Compete in group games
      • Teach the younger children

J: Poetry

  • Locate a NZ poem or poet to share
    • Hand presentation of the poem
      • Include what it is you like about the poem
        • Recreate your own poem in a similar style

K: Seabed, foreshore and territorial waters

  • Explain with maps and diagrams what these mean
    • Use own words
      • Log your involvement - notebook, wiki, blog, document

Adjust above work for the year 5 and 6s

  • By completing as whole group
    • Age/skill appropriate

Key Competency

  • Managing self
    • Time
      • Material/resources
        • Disruptions
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